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Roman recipes
of the upper classes
- sorted alphabetically
Woman in Roman kitchen - facing rightThe Roman upper classes were noted for their variety of foods and recipes.
Here you can get a flavour of Roman cooking from these recipes.

Some are mouth-watering. Some are unusual and some are, well, really cringemaking

Alexandrine squash
Aniseed Chicken

Artichokes cooked in herbs

Baked plaice
Baian Stew
Barley cake
Barley soup
Barley water
Beans in the Pod in Coriander Sauce
Beef casserole
Beets with chicken
Beets with Leeks in Wine
Boiled chicken
Boiled eggs with pine nut sauce
Boiled goose with cold sauce
Boiled mussels
Boiled Partridge

Boiled veal
Braised cucumbers
Bread Salad
Browned Chicken Frontinian
Brussels Sprouts with Walnuts
Butter beans in herb sauce

Carrots Sautéed in Peppered Wine Sauce
Cauliflower in Celery Mint Sauce
Cecina (Chick Pea Pancake)
Celery with raisin sauce
Celery with wine vinegar
Cheese Sweetened with Honey
Cheese with figs
Cheese and honey
Chick peas with cheese
Chick-peas in saffron
Chicken with liquid filling
Cooked Cucumbers with Fennel
Creamed wheat
Curds with honey

Date and nut desert

Dates Alexandrine
Diced cheesebread

Fig cakes
Fish in herb sauce
Fish in vine leaves
Fish pickle
Fish cooked in its own juice
Fish Fillets with Leeks and Coriander
Fish with turnips in saffron sauce

Fried carrots
Fried liver
Fried veal

Garlic and herb pate
Garum fish sauce
Goat's cheese with rice in vine leaves
Goat's milk sauce
Green Beans in Coriander Sauce

Ham in a red wine sauce
Hare in a sweet sauce
Hazelnuts with herb puree
Honey cakes
Honey omelette
Honeyed quinces

Lamb stew
Leeks with Celery

Lentil and barley soup
Lentil stew
Lucanian Sausage

Julian pottage

Mackerel stuffed vine leaves
Milk fed snails
Mushroom bread
Mushrooms in honey
Mussels in sweet wine sauce
Mussels with lentils

Nine part sauce
Nut cake

Olive and celery pate

Olives with herbs
One thousand Larks tongues

Pancakes with milk
Pastry rounds
Patina of elderberries
Patina of fillets of hake
Patina of fresh anchovies
Patina of Soles in Herb sauce
Pea soup
Pear patina
Pear pudding
Pears with Cinnamon and Wine
Peas Vinairgrette
Pickled Beets
Pickled cheese
Platted bread
Poached eggs in white wine
Pork in a piquant sauce
Prawn rissoles
Puree of lettuce leaves with onions

Red Mullet in Fennel and Mint Sauce
Rich Sweet Cakes
Roast Duck in Spiced Gravy
Roast Duck with Damson Sauce
Roast Pork in Celery Seed Sauce
Rose honey

Salad dressing
Sauce for eggs
Sauce for meat
Sauce for roast venison
Sauce for roast wood pigeons
Sauce for sea bream
Sauce for tuna fish
Seasoned mussels
Sesame biscuits
Sesame wafers
Shellfish Forcemeats
Soft bread
Soft cheese with a herb puree
Souffle of small fishes
Spiced fritters
Spicy lentils
Steamed lamb
Stuffed dates
Stuffed hare
Stuffed roast hare with White Sauce
Sucking pig
Sweet Roman Toast
Sweet Stuffed Sardines with Eggs


Walnut and fig cakes
Wine cakes

Roman cooking

List of basic Roman ingredients

Seating arrangements for the dinner party

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