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Recipe for
Caseus cum Recenti Fico
(Cheese with Figs)

By Pliny, Natural History

This recipe is a simple, but good dish. This dish is more like an appetizer or an after dinner treat.  A little sweet with a bit of savory.  Simple elegant and easy on the tongue, not too heavy.

Original recipe: Working on that...

Translation: When the fig is ripening: it has been a plan adopted in more recent times, to find a substitute for salt with cheese, by eating fresh figs


  • Figs
  • Cheese such as Feta or a good sheep milk cheese (Has a very mild nutty slightly salty flavor)
  • Optional: Honey


  • Take fresh figs and cut in half.
  • Place a bit of cheese on the fig.
  • Optionally, drizzle some honey on top.
  • Consume.
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