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Apioi eis Kykliskous
(Dried pear pudding)

Apioi eis Kykliskous (Dried pear pudding)

by Galen, The Power of Food Die alimentorum facultatibus

Accompanied by cream, this recipe makes a pleasant fruit salad. Galen believed that food and diet controlled one's health. It is increasingly recognized today that food and diet are important aspects of culture and that understanding a society’s food related customs and ideas contributes in important ways to the understanding of its social and cultural history. Anyway, thisi s a recipe. Try it or do not.

Original recipe:

Translation: They slice the pears into thin discs which they dry and store away. When food is short during the winter and spring, they cook these discs as a substitute for foods that contain little nourishment.


  • 250g/½ ib dried pears


  • Gently braise the dried pears in a little water until they are plump.
  • Cool and serve with the resulting juice.
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