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The Boudiccan Rebellion


Wild BoudiccaIf the Romans were to take the British Isles with the least possible conflict, they had to win the support of the upper classes. This was vital to the success and structure of this Roman province, since they were the ones who wielded the most influence in the country. They did this by promising the leaders of the tribes prosperity and personal wealth with a greater standard of living. The Roman army was small in comparison to the number of warriors in all the tribes, so it was most important the Romans persuaded as many of the tribes as possible to side with them. If all the British people had resisted the invasion, it would have been a mountainous task for the Romans to take Britain. Successive governors failed to win over enough tribes to ensure a totally peaceful occupation, and so this led to the biggest uprising of all - The Boudiccan rebellion.

The Boudiccan rebellion | The causes | Romans incite the Iceni | The Iceni reach Colchester
London falls | Verulamium is taken | The final battle
Events after the rebellion

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