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The Romans Changed Britain

The Romans changed the Britons in several ways since the Britons were a pretty barbaric peoples -- they brought unity and order to a place that had previously been made up of warring tribes. When the Romans came they modernised Britain forever. They taught them about hygiene, about clean drinking water, a calendar, laws and legal system. They also introduced new infrastructure such as straight roads, central heating, aqueducts as well as concrete. Basically, the Romans changed the British culture, geography and even their way of thinking and had an effect on the British language,

The Romans left behind a huge legacy: Many types of animals and plants were brought to Britain in Roman times. e.g. sweet chestnut trees and chickens.

When we travel many people still measure distance in miles and until recently we measured most things in feet and inches. All these are Roman measurements.

The rich of the indigenous tribes, those who adopted Roman ways, began to enjoy previously unheard-of luxuries such as plumbing, central heating and glass in windows.

Yes, the Romans changed Britain and in a far better manner making it into the heart of world-wide civilization.

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