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Check out some great books and help the site! I have chosen these books as among the best to illustrate this subject.

The Roman Soldier

Breakdown of a Roman soldier and his equipment

Kit Detail Map

Roman soldier and his equipment

The footwear (Caligae)The helmetThe sword (Gladius)The daggerThe shield (Scutum)The footwear (Caligae)The BreastplateThe belt (Lorica)

Imagine for a moment you are a Celtic warrior defending your ground against 5,000 soldiers like Gaius Allius shown here. They are standing shoulder to shoulder, three deep and you know there is no way you will be able to break this line. They draw their swords and slowly begin advancing, all moving as one... They are ready to face you and they have only one thought in their minds.

To kill you.

As you look up the slope where the Romans have decided to stage the battle, you are facing the most terrifying scene you will ever see... The Romans have a fearsome reputation for aggression, discipline and fitness. You also know that they have a variety of weapons at their disposal and they will use them to the maximum effect, giving no quarter.

Now ask yourself:
"Do you feel lucky?"
Well... Do you??

The Romans soldier was the most effective fighting machine ever produced and had a variety of equipment and protective wear at his disposal.

^^^^^ Run your mouse over and select an area on the photo to see a description of that item.

Above photograph taken by the original author, Victius Maximus.
Thanks to Optio Gaius Allius of Legion XIV and Verulamium Museum for their assistance

A great video that explains and shows the Legionary's kit.

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