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Newport, Isle of Wight
Newport Roman villa

About the Newport Roman villa

When the owners of a nearby house sank new foundations for a garage in 1926, they discovered something that they found to be unusual. It was the site of a Roman farmhouse that had been built around the year 280 AD. Subsequent excavations revealed that this was a major find and told archaeologists more about the Roman way of life on the Isle of Wight.

The Romans were fine designers and engineers and this is reflected in the remains of the villa, much of which is still in excellent condition.The hypocaust system graphically displays the famed Roman central heating and the villa even has the remains of a Roman bath which is in very good condition. The restoration team has painstakingly recreated scenes within the villa, and also outside by recreating a Roman herb garden as it would have been nearly 2000 yeas ago.

Features within the villa include

Illustrative text panels providing a clear explanation of the site

Artefacts on display charting the history of the Isle of Wight in Roman times

A quiz booklet for younger visitors

A gift shop selling all sorts of books and material relating to the Roman way of life

Useful information
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  • Street paking
  • Café 1/4 mile away
  • Wheelchair access

  • Gift shop in museum
  • Visitors centre
  • Dogs allowed
  • Group and school bookings welcomed by request throughout the year.
    Tel:01983 823847Coach parties welcome
  • Group and school bookings welcomed by request throughout the year.
    Tel:01983 823847
Opening times
Easter - October (Monday - Saturday)
July & August - also open Sundays
10.00am - 4.30pm
12.00pm - 4pm
Admission prices (Single)
Easter - October

Contact details
Newport Roman Villa
High Street
Isle of Wight
PO30 1TY


Tel: 01983 823847
Fax: 01983 823841

Roman villa gallery
The Hypocaust
Reconstructed Roman herb garden
The reconstructed Roman herb garden

Roman Kitchen scene
Roman Kitchen scene

My thanks to Newport Roman villa for their help in constructing this page
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